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Behind the Mass
by: Rev. Albert Shamon

The author penetrates the depth of meaning underlying the Mass. He treats the Mass as first (Christ as victim) then the Blessed Sacrament (Christ as companion) and finally Holy Communion (Christ as food).


The Bishop Sheen We Knew
by: Rev. A. Shamon

A booklet filled with little known information from the three remaining priests who worked under Bishop Sheen. A chance to see the day to day workings of the prophet of our times.


The Blessed Eucharist
by: Fr. M. Muller

Simple explanations of prominent points of the Eucharistic mystery.

Bible Stories for Little Children

Bible stories beloved by children for over a century. Beginning with the creation of the world thru the Old Testament, then the stories of the New Testament complete thru the life and resurrection of Jesus.



Catechism of the Catholic Church
This second edition has been revised in accordance with the official Latin text published by Pope John Paul II. Contains glossary and analytical index.


The Catholic Almanac's Guide to the Church
by: M. Bunson

Your one-volume guide to all things Catholic. If you have a question about part of the Catholic world, you’ll find the answer in this book.

Catholic Dictionary
by: Rev. P. Stravinskas

A timely reference for explaining the Church's teaching and practices. Defines words and terminology of the Bible and Catechism.


Catholic Questions - Catholic Answers
by: Fr. Kenneth Ryan

Nearly every aspect of Catholic life is covered. Here are the sort of questions being asked today by devout Catholics, skeptics, and serious inquirers alike.


Charity for the Suffering Souls
by: Fr. John A. Nageleisen

Explains Purgatory and calls the reding to a devotion to the Poor Souls sharing their prayers and awaiting ours.


The Children of Fatima
The popular story of Our Lady's message to the World. The book tells the wonderful story of Our Lady's appearance to little Jacinta, Fancisco and Lucia.


Coming Chastisement
by: Bro. Craig Driscoll

The author shares some of the messages regarding the Chastisement and some of his own thoughts and interpretations. This book is the result of his prayers and his studies.


Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
by: Fr. Nicholas A. Norman

Principal reasons and motives for consecration - how it connects with Fatima and True Devotion on Mary.


The Cross and the Beatitudes
by: Fulton J. Sheen

Bishop Sheen brings together the first and last statements of Jesus' public life. He shows how they are intimately related and how both display Christ's themes of meekness, love, and mercy.

Crossing the Threshold of Hope
by: Pope John Paul II

A Pope who is impatient in his apostolic zeal; a shepherd to whom the usual paths always seem insufficient; who looks for every means to spread the Good News to men; who wants to shout that there is hope.


The Cure of Ars
Story of St. John Vianney, Patron Saint of Parish Priests. He set out to become a priest and ended up one of the Church's most famous saints.


Catholic Prayers
compiled by: Thomas Nelson

Contains many beloved, well known Catholic prayers plus a section of powerful prayers and of special prayers to be used when in need of particular assistance.

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