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The Happiness of Heaven
by: Fr. J. Boudreau, SJ

Gives us a glimpse into the secret life of heaven. Helps us to understand that a high degree of the glory in Heaven is within reach of all baptized souls.



Her Glorious Title
by: John M. Haffert

A chastisement by fire now threatens the world (Our Lady at Akita, 10/13/73). This was previously announced at Fatima. So far Our Lady said She has been able to prevent the chastisement. This book tells why.

Her Own Words to the Nuclear Age
The memoirs of Sr. Lucia is recounted so interestingly that you cannot put the book down. With pictures not seen before of Fatima.


Hitler, The War, and The Pope
by: R. Rychlak

Many people have tried to evaluate Pope Pius XII's wartime record. This sty results in a fuller understanding of why things were and were not done - an exploration of background facts, of history, religion, politics, diplomacy, and military tactics.


Holiness for Housewives
by: Van Zellar

Especially for women in the God-given vocation of a housewife. It is possible to find God even amid the dishes and the diapers - to grow holier and more prayerful as you perform the most menial household chores.


The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
by: Fr. Michael Muller

Contains a wealth of Catholic traditions, Biblical facts, and true stories from history. Overpowering insights on the Mass and our faith; an incredible book.


The Holy Spirit
by: Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D.

The Holy Will of God
by: Leo Pyzalski, CSSR

To help us determine what God's will really is and why we should conform our wills to His. Sheds light on the confusion and misery of human existence as they relate to our accepting God's holy will.


Hope For The Journey
by: Fr. Jack Spaulding

Provides us with words of encouragement and understanding as we journey back to God. Supplies the inspiration we need to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.


How Christ Said the First Mass
by: Fr. James Meagher, D.D.

This book is packed with facts in every paragraph which all Catholics should know about the meaning behind every aspect of Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

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